Mommy-Daughter Video Experience

Mommy-Daughter Video Experience

5:30 AM wakeup call on a Saturday never sounds appealing to anyone. But this Saturday the “early rise” was going to be worth it because we were going to make memories, very important ones.


Capturing memories has always been important to me, especially because photography is such a big part of my life. I take pictures of Isabella (my daughter) every day. I feel like it is my obligation to capture every second before she grows up. It’s like as if through photographs I try to hold on to my baby for as long as I possibly can. I guess I am scared of forgetting. Forgetting how small she was, how dependable she is of me, of her tiny playful hands, her golden curls and her perfectly drawn lips. She changes every day and becomes less and less of that baby I had almost 5 years ago. My most perfect little baby.

For this special day, I dressed her in a white dress and let her curls loose. She looked so perfect, she looked so much like HER. I dressed in a flowy long skirt because that’s what she always loves me wearing. She says I look like a “queen” when I wear long skirts.

And so, we hopped in the car and drove to the location where we would be shooting the memories that would change our lives forever. When the production company ( asked me where I wanted to shoot the video, the answer came almost instantly: THE BEACH. It’s OUR favorite place.  

I was nervous at first, I am by no means an actress. I wanted to make sure the video was perfect. As we got there, In my nervousness I was quick to ask Jose (Executive Producer) what they wanted us to do. He quickly replied, “NOTHING, you are at the beach with your daughter. Enjoy your day and be YOU!” I starred in shock as Isabella pulled me by the hand screaming, “Let’s go mami, look over there, the seagulls!" And so our day began. I was able to let go, we ran, we kissed, we played and we watched the sunrise. Just the two of us and the beach to ourselves. The crew filmed but to me, they were never there, to me it was just the TWO of US.

After maybe no more than an hour and a half, Jose (Executive Producer) and Cynthia (Art Director), came up to us and said, “we are done!”. I starred in shock because I had lost track of time. They were both so sweet and let us enjoy our time together. 

As we were leaving, they said they would get in touch as soon as the video was completed. Of course, I was anxious but didn’t expect them to be done for a month, at least.

Exactly, two weeks after, I got a call from Jose (Executive Producer) telling me the video was done. They invited me to their studio for a private screening that same day. I showed up anxious but also a bit nervous as my expectations were VERY high.

And just like that,  I sat down to watch 4 minutes of a video that would change my life forever. The video opens with the sound of my daughter’s voice and the tears start rolling down my cheeks and my skin shivers. 

To say that this “mother-daughter” video is perfect, is an understatement. This was US, this the definition of OUR relationship and it was captured in 4 perfect minutes of a moment that I would never forget. Nothing was acted, nothing was rehearsed and no lines were learned. It was a PERFECT day with her.

Thank you to the Villas Channel, for creating one of the most precious treasures I could ever hold. There are no words to describe what this video means to me. It is simple, PERFECT.

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Here, our video: