Casually Suited

Casually Suited

I still remember the first time I wore jeans and a blazer. I must have been my daughter’s age (5 years old). There is a picture on my first day of kindergarten holding a backpack bigger than myself, wearing the chicest blue blazer with jeans. I was only 5 but I was very determined when it came to my fashion choices.

My mom has been a HUGE influence in my love for fashion. She is the one that sparked my interest by introducing me to it at a very early age. She worked closely with designers in fashion trade shows all over the world. She would take me along with her whenever she could and I got the chance to see the fashion world face to face. It was love at first sight.  

When it came to my fashion choices, I would rarely let her choose. Nonetheless, she let my imagination run free, even when my choices weren’t the “chicest”. Now, I thank her for that. ;-)

Little did I know is that decades later, the blazer and jeans would become a timeless look, a look that until this day I still reach for.

For this look (and inspired by my 5 year-old-self) I paired this oversized striped blazer with super skinny washed out jeans and booties. The relaxed jeans are a cool contrast to the formal blazer.





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