Not So Basic

Not So Basic

It wasn’t until I started my blog that I realized how much basics dominate my style. I believe the secret of style lies in simplicity. It is not about the amount of clothes you have but the way you put them together. If what you have consists of mostly basics, your choices are endless and timeless.

My wardrobe consists of two dominant colors: black and white. Most of my bottoms are black and when it comes to my tops they are mostly white (or any other white derivative). Some might find it boring but for me it is classy, safe and versatile. 

With that (and to show you black and white doesn’t have to be boring), I put together this look. I chose this graphic tee (with a little pop of color) and paired it with this cool pleated black skirt. The over-sized and relaxed tee is great contrast to the more sophisticated fit of the skirt.

To finish the look I accessorized with this strappy chunky heel and a fun furry clutch. Although the look does not have much color, the textures make it fun and unexpected. See? Black and white is not a boring combination after all. ;-)




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