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Mixing the Unexpected

Loreana von PlockiComment
Mixing the Unexpected

Most people say fashion is about taking risks. I have to agree. However,  I tend to play it safe most of the time. I believe overthinking kills creativity. Most of my favorite looks have come to me when I don’t even try or when I end up mixing the unexpected.

When I bought this jumpsuit I was clueless on how to style it.  So I decided to pair it with an oversized gingham shirt. I tied a knot to the shirt to give the look shape since both pieces had that “oversized” feel.

I fell in LOVE with this look. It is cool and effortless but it makes a statement. And Hey! I am all about making a statement

Play around with your clothes, try things on that maybe you wouldn’t think about mixing together. I am not saying this will always work, but you will come up with at least two looks that you wouldn’t have expected to work. Snap a picture of it and save it for a special occasion! ;-)



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