Loreana von Plocki

Knot Life: Day No. 3

Loreana von Plocki
Knot Life: Day No. 3

The sophisticated knot.  

The neckerchief is one my favorite trends right now. I wouldn't call it a "trend", I actually believe this accessory is here to stay. I think it's safe to say it's timeless.  

Although this accesory has been seen before, the piece came back to make a statement and is definitely being used in a more versatile way. The same you wear with a button down to work can be worn the very next day with a relaxed tee and look totally different. I also love seeing it on women of all ages. 

In this particular outfit, I wore a "hand-me-down" one from my mom's closet (did I mention this accessory is timeless/ageless?) with a fun bright off-the-shoulder dress. I'm hanging on to summer as long as I possible can (I also live in Miami)! :-) 

Another cool way to use a "knot" to change your outfit. Enjoy! 

Outfit Details: 

1. Vintage Neckerchief - click here for similar

2.  Forever 21 Dress - click here for similar

3. Off-White Chain Bag - click here for similar

4.  Mirrored Sunglases - click here for similar

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