ϲʹַBI 209

For the last four months 65 very talented performers and 20 outstanding backstage crew from ϲʹַ and Marcellin College have been working away on the production of Chicago - Teen Edition. Over the past two weeks, the students presented their spectacular performance over eight shows to huge crowds.

The commitment, passion and energy that these students have demonstrated on and off stage has been remarkable. We are so proud of all of them.

Being involved in a production can be such a valuable experience for students. Of course, it helps them to refine their skills as performers or crew members, but probably more importantly than that, it enables them to widen their social circle, be a part of community within the two schools and is a place where they can experience success.

Thanks to everyone from the wider community who came to see the show and support the students. We hope you enjoyed the razzle dazzle and ‘all that jazz’.

Ms Felicia Taine & Ms Hayley Gamble Curran