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Edition 16 | 20 October 2023
Judith Weir

Last week the Year 12 students spent the week celebrating the end of their journey at ϲʹַ by dressing up with a different theme each day. On Monday this week, we held our Year 12 Assembly where we recognised a number of students for their outstanding formal and informal leadership in a range of different aspects of life at ϲʹַ.

Mass was celebrated in the evening by Fr Erick, and it was a wonderful opportunity to recognise our Year 12s and the end of their year with the blessings of God and our community. This was followed by dinner at the Hyatt Event Centre, where we joyfully shared wonderful stories of their six years and a moment of thanks with parents and students. It was a fitting celebration of the six-year journey that most of our Year 12 cohort has had at ϲʹַ. Our students celebrated all that being part of ϲʹַ has meant to them and shared their joy and tears with their teachers and families. It was an honour and privilege to be part of their celebration.

The night signifies the end of formal classes here at ϲʹַ and marks the beginning of a new journey for our students. It does not, however, mark an end to our relationship. All of our students will remain forever linked to ϲʹַ and we will always hold them in our prayers.

We wish all our Year 12 students the very best for their coming exams and share this prayer for them:

Let us especially pray for our Year 12 students as they enter into exams.
God, we ask that they especially feel your closeness during this time.
Give them calm hearts and quiet confidence in the knowledge that you hold them in the palm of your hand.
Bless them with keen understanding and retentive memory.
Give them the ability to grasp things correctly.
Point out the beginning, direct their progress and help them in the completion of each of their responses.
Holy Spirit, send them your gifts of wisdom and knowledge.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


Author: Mr John O'Sullivan

Last week we held the annual Design, Art & Technology Show where we were able to showcase student artwork and provide parents and students the chance to view the work. I continue to be awed and inspired by the depth and breadth of talent amongst our students. Each year it is our great privilege to display a number of student artworks for our Caldow Collection in our Administration Building. They are framed and remain there for the year to be admired by all who pass through the halls of ϲʹַ. Students are also honoured with the presentation of a certificate at the Art Show. Congratulations to all whose pieces were exhibited both at the Art Show and in the Caldow Collection, we look forward to sharing in the joy of your artworks.

Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

On Monday night, we celebrated the Graduation Mass with our wonderful Year 12 students, their families and friends. The gospel reading at the Eucharist challenged us all to be people of Mercy:

‘For I was hungry, and you gave me food,
I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger, and you welcomed me,
I was naked and you gave me clothing,
I was sick and you took care of me,
I was in prison and you visited me.’

Matthew 25: 35-36

Fr Erick Niriyagira affirmed their efforts in building community and invited them to always see ‘the other’ as family. He reminded us that Jesus, in the Gospels, seeks those rejected by others and calls them his family.

So we pray in gratitude for our Year 12 students who promote the active living of Mercy, as they prepare for their exams:

God of love and Mercy,
May we seek You in all people,
May we seek those rejected by unjust structures within our societies,
May we care and love for all humanity, as Jesus calls us to do,
May we live Mercy every day of our lives.


Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

Each monotheist religion holds Friday as a holy and special day for Prayer.

In Islam, Friday is considered the most significant day of the week. It is known as Jumu'ah and is considered a holy day. Muslims attend the Friday congregational prayers, known as Jumu'ah prayers, in the mosque. The Friday prayer is led by a religious leader, known as an Imam, and includes a sermon/khutba by Alim.

In Christianity, Friday is significant as the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. It is known as Good Friday and is observed as a day of mourning and reflection. Many Christian denominations hold special services on this day. Good Friday is followed by Easter Sunday, which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Catholics commemorate this by various prayers on the first Fridays.

In Judaism, Friday is known as Erev Shabbat or the Eve of the Sabbath. It is considered a holy day and is the day when the Jewish Sabbath begins at sunset. Jewish families gather together on Friday evenings to light candles, recite blessings, and share a festive meal. Observant Jews refrain from work and other activities on the Sabbath, which lasts until Saturday evening.

So this Friday let us pray together for all people of faith for peace, especially within Israel and Palestine:

God of light and salvation, our refuge and our strength,
We pray for the people of Israel and Palestine amid the escalating violence.

We pray for those killed and injured by rockets from Gaza in southern Israel. May your rod and staff comfort them.

We pray for those who are grieving. May they know your ever-present help.

We pray for the protection of those who have been taken hostage by Hamas. As they walk through this dark valley, may they fear no evil.

We pray for the civilians of Gaza. May they know that their help comes from the Maker of heaven and earth.

And we pray for those in leadership in Gaza and Israel. May you guide them along the right paths. We ask all this in union with Christ and trusting in the power of your Holy Spirit.


On Monday 16 October we celebrated our Class of 2023 at the Graduation Assembly, followed by Mass and Dinner. Congratulations to our Valedictory Award winners:

ϲʹַ Awards

  • The Duce Maria Award - Charlotte A
  • The Sr Mercedes Hogan Award - Sophie F
  • The Sr Jan Geason Award - Syeria L
  • The Past Pupils Award - Julia M
  • The Commitment to ϲʹַ Sport Award - Ashleigh T

External Awards

  • Resilience Award - Natalie R
  • ADF Future Innovators - Lara H
  • ADF Long Tan Award - Grace L
  • ACU Impact Award - Lily L
  • Ampol All Rounder - Grace M

Colours 2023


  • Isabella F
  • Lara H
  • Jemma T
  • Lily L

Double Platinum

  • Katelyn D

Triple Platinum

  • Isabella K
  • Grace L
  • Tiara L

Humanities students across Years 7-12 were invited to test their geographical skills and knowledge in the 2023 Australian Geography Competition earlier this year. The competition aims to encourage student interest in geography and reward student excellence. We have recently received the results and were very pleased with how ϲʹַ students performed.

Over 65,000 students from across more than 700 schools entered the Australian Geography Competition this year. They were tested across the three cognitive domains of knowing, applying and reasoning. Students used stimulus materials and their own geographic understanding to analyse, synthesise and generalise often in unfamiliar and complex contexts. Geography is an important subject bringing together the physical and human dimensions of our environments and helping students to develop a deeper understanding of the world and its challenges.

Congratulations to Zoe W (11LJVA) who received a Certificate of Distinction. Certificates of Credit were awarded to Alexia T (8DBU), Lacey M (9GTA), and Heidi C (10LAGA).

Rowena Thomson
Humanities Teacher & Transition Coordinator

As their Senior Work-Related Skills project for Semester 2, our Senior ϲʹַ students developed and delivered their own business concept, producing an exclusive and very limited-edition candle release to the ϲʹַ school community. Working through numerous phases of a business project including ideation, market-research, budget, proposal permissions, advertising campaigns, manufacturing and the ‘big sell’, our students fully embraced this applied learning project with commitment and enthusiasm.

The two candles, ‘Reflect' and 'Reset’, underwent various concept changes from design, to scent, to costings, to target market, all of which provided valuable lessons on the various areas of business. Market Day on Monday 9 October showed plenty of interest from teachers and students, with all candles sold and all profits going to support McAuley for Women and Children. It was a fantastic experience and a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to Madison B, Georgia B, Alysia B, Matilda L and Sammie M for their effort, creativity and commitment to this task.

On reflection, the students noted that they not only learned about the demands of business, but their own professional skills and areas for growth.

‘I loved adding my own touch to our company and product and am proud that I was able to help make our candle business a success.' Matilda L (12APSM)

‘The most satisfying part of the project was creating a business from scratch. I learnt so many business needs and skills over this project.' Sammie M (12MAMN)

‘We had to keep changing the dates to fit our school commitments but overcame this by working as a team and trying to be flexible with our schedule and as an end result, we were successful.' Georgia B (12AASE)

Melinda Williams
Careers Coordinator

During school holiday periods, many students at ϲʹַ take up the opportunity to participate in workplace learning experiences. These experiences can be either connected to Vocational Training they are undertaking as part of their VCE or VCEVM program, or in an industry they are considering for the future. During the recent September school holidays Year 10 students Sophie B, Heidi C, Nadiya S and Phoebe T spent a week immersed in an engineering work placement experience funded through Akorn Education and Engineers Australia and facilitated by engineering consulting firm, Introba.

Over the week, students were asked to design elements of a sustainable city and the experience proved to be stimulating, challenging and hugely rewarding. One community building design was for an indoor sports complex called Bunyip Central's Mumford-Papley Indoor Sports Complex.

We are very proud of our students’ willingness to grasp the opportunity and develop wonderful skills and connections as part of this experience.

‘I learnt that there are many fascinating disciplines of engineering that work cohesively with each other to produce everything we see around us today. It has taught me that the future of engineering is really bright and has many opportunities for students like me.' Heidi C (10LAGA)

‘One thing I found enjoyable about the experience was the building we worked in. It made it feel like a real work environment, and it was a really cool experience.’ Sophie B (10APSM)

‘One thing I learnt is that there is a lot more variety and freedom in the engineering industry than is advertised and there are so many opportunities available. I think that engineering is often seen to be one straightforward thing like designing a building, but I never really knew all the different engineering aspects that had to be incorporated in one room, let alone the entire building.' Phoebe T (10CMSM)

Melinda Williams
Careers Coordinator

It has been a busy term so far in Senior House, with a focus on celebrating and farewelling our Year 12 cohort. Tuesday 10 October saw our pastorals gather together to complete final rituals with their group. Many have had the same Pastoral Leader for three years and the missing presence of our Year 12 students is very much felt when they finish. We also held our final House Assemblies on this day and acknowledged the many achievements and contributions of our students during 2023, including those who received their Colours in Year 12.

Our Year 12 group enjoyed the week of festivities and we loved seeing their creativity on show as they dressed up in a different themed costume each day. The Graduation Day is a highlight of our school year. It is a day to acknowledge 13 years of formal education, but also the end of a chapter for our students. The opening of their Year 7 Time Capsule is a wonderful experience, filled with much reminiscing, a few tears and plenty of laughs. We wish our Year 12 cohort all the best in the next part of their lives and hope they can look back at their time at ϲʹַ with fond memories.

Kathryn Williams
McAuley House Coordinator

Whilst most areas start winding down and preparing for next year, our music department just keeps going. During Term 4, music focuses on highlighting our students’ achievements. We do this through two performance evenings where family and friends come and celebrate what our students have learnt this year.

On Monday 9 October we were treated to our first cabaret style performance from students in Years 10 -12 currently learning an instrument at ϲʹַ. From cello solos to vocal delights and even a duet, families were entertained while enjoying some ϲʹַ hospitality, with food and drinks in abundance. Congratulations to the students who performed, you were all inspirational.

We look forward to seeing our Year 7 - 9 students shine as they perform solo or in a small ensemble at their performance evening on Monday 13 November. Due to the large numbers of students undertaking lessons at ϲʹַ, this evening will be split across three venues. It will also contain guest performances from the Concert Band, Junior Choir, Rock Bands and Guitar Ensemble.

During Term 3 the choir had the opportunity of learning and performing Christian Tin’s ‘Baba Yetu’ which is the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ sung in Swahili and the theme song from Civilization V the video game. The choirs are to be congratulated on performing this as part of the Mercy Day Mass and many commented that it was a highlight of their day. Due to the success of this performance, our students will undertake a rehearsal and recording experience together with the students of Marcellin College’s Champagnat Choir. Singing as part of a choir is always special, but creating music in four parts with male and female voices can be inspiring and adds many new challenges to the vocalists in regards to balance and part holding. We look forward to sharing this experience with our students and their families.

Finally, we wish our String Ensemble and Choir students well as they head to Mercy Aged Care in November to entertain the residents with a morning of musical melodies. Sharing your talents with others is such an important part of learning to play an instrument, and the reward of seeing the joy that music brings to others is priceless.

Cantor Scholarship Applications Now Open

Applications for 2024 Cantor Scholarships are now open for all current Year 9 students, irrespective of whether they are presently taking music lessons at ϲʹַ. A letter with information about the scholarship and an application form are available on SIMON/PAM. Please note the closing date for submission is Friday 27 October 2023. For further information please email Jo-Anne Mileto, jmileto@olmc.vic.edu.au or Anne Couch, acouch@olmc.vic.edu.au

Being a Cantor at ϲʹַ has always been a prestigious privilege. Not only are students given 32 free lessons and a weekly ensemble rehearsal with the talented Ms Russo, they are an integral part of ϲʹַ performances, liturgical masses and often represent the College at prestigious events. This is a scholarship which focuses on learning to sing, but it is also a role which often inspires our younger students to want to perform. Skills learnt and constantly undertaken throughout the year include: time management, rehearsal techniques, collaboration, performance etiquette, self-confidence and memorisation techniques. There is also the highlight of working with similarly minded students, creating new friends for life and learning music from a variety of cultures, styles and artists. If your child is in Year 10 next year and has any interest in singing, or you feel they have untapped potential, we encourage you to chat to your daughter about applying for the scholarship.

Jo-Anne Mileto
Instrumental Music Coordinator

The Year 8 Physical Education classes have begun their Bike Riding Unit. These classes are designed to provide students with valuable skills, knowledge, and experiences related to biking and physical fitness, and to prepare them for the Year 9 Horizon Camps. Students complete an initial session that covers bike setup, safety measures, and fundamental biking skills. In Heidelberg, we have access to outstanding trails. These trails offer students the chance to put their bike riding abilities to practical use, riding in groups and utilising shared bike routes.

Teresa Cerra
Health and Physical Education Learning Leader

Each year the Parents’ Association run a Lucky Fees Raffle to raise funds that support and enhance educational opportunities and the community life at ϲʹַ. First prize is $4000 off your school fees for 2024 – wouldn’t that be amazing?

Tickets are $10 each,10 for $70 or 15 for $100

To purchase tickets please

1st prize $4000 Voucher for 2024 School Fees
Or Shopping Vouchers to the value of $4000

2nd Prize Travel Managers Voucher valued at $200

3rd Prize Travel Managers Voucher valued at $100

4th Prize Farm Vigano Restaurant, South Morang Voucher valued at $100

5th Prize Farm Vigano Restaurant, South Morang Voucher valued at $100

6th Prize Noone Uniform Voucher valued at $100

7th Prize Chocilo Hamper

The raffle will be drawn on Friday 17 November at the College. Winners will be notified by phone or email and results published in the Newsletter.

Your support in the sale of the raffle tickets is gratefully appreciated.

ϲʹַ Parents’ Association

ϲʹַ College Tours

Bookings for 2023 Tours are now open.

Prospective families are invited on a tour of the ϲʹַ facilities followed by an information session with Principal Judith Weir, Transition Coordinator Rowena Thomson and two students.


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