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Mercy Tradition

Catholic schools in the Mercy tradition give expression and witness to the values of the Gospel, the traditions of the Church and the charism which Catherine McAuley exemplified.

In the ministries of the Sisters of Mercy – education, health, aged care and welfare – education is valued as a powerful means to better people’s lives.

Through the provision of a quality education, Mercy schools offer their students opportunities to build self-worth and self-esteem; to become ‘their best selves’; and to contribute to building more inclusive and compassionate societies where God’s mercy and justice meet.

Each Mercy school strives to proclaim the message of Jesus through the distinctive vision and spirituality of Catherine McAuley. This vision and spirituality are marked by:

  • A profound respect for the dignity of the human person
  • Outreach to and solidarity with the poor, the unemployed, the distressed and the marginalised
  • A commitment to the primacy of love - to the merciful love of God for all God's people and the commandment of Jesus to love and care for each other
  • Gratitude for and belief in God's providence
  • A spirit-filled way of life where the inner self is nurtured through attentive listening to the Word of God, contemplative prayer and sacramental experiences
  • A radical, generous and far-reaching hospitality that goes beyond the boundaries of what is ordinarily expected
  • A devotion to Mary, Mother of God and Mother of Mercy
  • A strong sense of social justice.