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Student Leadership

The Student Leadership program is coordinated by the Student Leadership Coordinator, Ms Anna De Rosa. The program consists of:

  • A formal Student Leadership Program through which senior students are elected to a range of whole school or year level roles, e.g. School Captains, Faith and Justice Captains, House Captains.
  • A Student Representative Council, with two students per year level serving in the role for 12 months.
  • Year 9 House Vice Captains who support the Year 12 leaders in creating and running House based activities.
  • A Peer Support Program for Year 9 students who are trained to lead small groups of Year 7 students in their transition to ϲʹַ.
  • Class Captains Years 7–9. These roles are for six months to enable a number of students to have this experience each year.

There are also roles for students in leading sport teams or in leading some of the other voluntary activities in the College, such as public speaking, Book Club, Drama Club, Dance Club and environmental programs.

The College seeks to ensure that through these experiences, students develop an understanding of a Christian model of service, also, that they learn to identify and nurture their leadership skills and qualities in serving their peers and the community.

Senior Student Leaders 2023

Congratulations and thank you to the following students who have taken on significant responsibilities in what is already a challenging year for them.

StudentLeadership Role
Lara HCollege Captain
Grace LCollege Captain
Katelyn DFaith and Justice Captain
Julia MFaith and Justice Captain
Laetitia DCommunications Captain
Milana LCommunications Captain
Isabella KArts Captain
Alessia KArts Captain
Sahra CSport Captain
Ashleigh TSport Captain

Charlotte A

Carmel House Captain
Rebekah MCarmel House Captain
Julia GLoreto House Captain
Kate MLoreto House Captain
Isabella FMcAuley House Captain
Jemma TMcAuley House Captain
Bridget BMercy House Captain
Tiara LMercy House Captain