ϲʹַBI 209

It is only Week Two and creativity and exploration is already well underway in the Frayne building!

This week, Year 8 Art is experimenting with coloured pencils and drawing in the style of Danish artist Per Adolfsen. Year 9 Food Studies students are refining their knife skills and awakening their food senses through a gourmet roasted vegetable salad. Year 10 Media students are diving into the world of social media, strengthening their media literacy and developing skills to assist them in navigating interaction in an online world. Year 11 Art Creative Practice students are learning about the three interpretive lenses to develop visual language and Year 12 Visual Communication and Design students are revisiting the three design fields to ensure they select the most appropriate for their major folio.

We also warmly welcome new staff members Andrew Cho, Henry Ralston and Douglas Wright to the DAT team. Andrew is joining the Food Studies and Computing teams, Henry is joining the Computing and Media teams and Douglas is joining the Computing team. We are excited and very grateful to gain their expertise.

We also continue to celebrate our VCE DAT 2022 high achieving students this week, as we welcome them back for our annual Awards Assembly this Friday.

Specifically, we congratulate the Food Studies class who had seven students receive a study score over 40, Media with a top study score of 48, Visual Communication and Design with a top score of 46 and the Studio Arts class who had two students receive a study score over 40. We commend our 2022 cohort for their commitment and persistence and wish them all the very best as they begin a new life chapter. We hope the skills they have acquired in our subjects propel them to take creative risks and actively contribute to the creativity, culture and wealth of the world around them.

Alexandra Seit
Design, Art and Technology Learning Leader