ϲʹַBI 209

The past few weeks have been a busy time in Religious Education at ϲʹַ. While Year 7s undertake a unit of work on prayer, Year 8s are learning about the journeys of St Paul and the Year 9s explore Mary as the first disciple. Our senior students continue their work in Units 1 and 2 of Religion and Society, and for those studying Texts and Traditions, their in-depth study of the Gospel of Luke with Mr. Taylor.

Last week, half of our Year 10 students headed to the Holy Cross Centre in Templestowe for their Reflection Day, exploring the idea that each of us is “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). Together, we explored the qualities of healthy relationships, the way digital media can influence us and our relationships, and how we are a mirror of God’s love in the world.

Some students said:

  • I appreciated the open conversations about relationships
  • I appreciated spending time with friends where we got to discuss what we value in a relationship. And also just having fun and winding down with them while we made bracelets.
  • I appreciated the information that was provided as it was helpful towards the assessment task and writing my responses to the prompts. I also appreciated the making of friendship bracelets and being able to do something that was relaxful and fun.
  • Something that I appreciated about the Reflection Day was that the topics.

Our Year 11s also enjoyed a day away from the classroom to reflect at the Catholic Leadership Centre. They were invited to explore models of leadership, and in particular Christian Leadership.

Below are some comments from the students:

  • Year 11 Reflection Day was a fun and engaging way to connect with others and reflect on who we are as individuals as well as leaders.
  • Great opportunity to connect with peers I have barely spoken to at school and an amazing way to share how much we admire each other.
  • It was a very fun and engaging day. It allowed our Year level to connect on a deeper level and brought us all closer together. It also allowed us to reflect and listen to each other's opinions in a respectful way without feeling judged.
  • The day was a really enjoyable and immersive experience in how we can be grateful for the loved ones in our life and how we can continue to give back to those around us!
  • Reflection day was an amazing day to spend reconnecting with individuals across the Year level through fun, engaging and relevant activities. It gave us an opportunity to reflect on various aspects of our lives, including our leadership qualities.

Bernadette Hogan and Grace Austin
Religious Education Learning Leaders