ϲʹַBI 209
Judith Weir

Once again this year we hosted Time and Space Evenings for Year 8 students and a significant male mentor and Year 7 students and a significant female mentor in their lives. It was wonderful to welcome all to share in conversations with each other. Young people led conversations about what matters to them at the moment. Participants had the opportunity to listen and share wisdom with each other and begin to gain an understanding of other perspectives on life and growing up.

A wonderful aspect of the evening continues to be the ever-growing number of Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students who volunteer their time to host the small groups, leading parents and students through a conversation. It was a delight to see these students lead such a significant conversation and many of them are involved for a second or third time. They are wonderful ambassadors for ϲʹַ and great role models for our other students.

It was with great joy that we waved our first group of Year 9 students off as they began their Horizon Camp. They will no doubt relish the chance to be away with their friends and enjoy preparing meals and participating in all the great activities this camp has to offer.

On Tuesday 19 March we hosted some of the priests from the Parishes that are attended by our students. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend but we are grateful to Episcopal Vicar Fr Tony Kerin, Fr Bill from St Bernadette’s, Fr Vinh and Fr John from St John’s, Fr Steve and Fr Ananda from the Greensborough Parishes, Fr Wayne from St Pius, Fr Michael from St Martin of Tours and Fr Toan from Our Lady of the Pines. It was a wonderful opportunity for students from the Parish to share in the hosting. As a Catholic Community we strive to build connections for young people that allow them to see that who we are and how we live our tradition can be shared between Parish and school. We are very much looking forward to working with our priests more closely over the coming years.

Term 1 is rapidly coming to a close. As is the case every year Term 1 is an extremely busy one with so many different events for students and families. It has also been a term characterised by opportunities for families to engage with staff and each other in support of our students. We have been heartened by the positive feedback we have received and also grateful for feedback that will help us enhance experiences in the future. We value our role as partners in the education of your children and look forward to further opportunities to engage with you throughout the year.

We are in the season of Lent, a time for renewal and hope in The Resurrection. As we approach this Easter we pray for renewal and live with hope in our hearts, that all will experience compassion, justice, courage and joy; the ϲʹַ values that we hold so dear. I hope that the Easter break brings time for family, friends, rest and joy.