ϲʹַBI 209

On Friday 25 March, Year 10 Mind, Body and Soul class attended a jam-packed day of surfing in Ocean Grove. We started off the day bright and early, eager to get our wetsuits on and jump straight in. After a relaxing drive down, we all stared in awe at the amazing surf, rushing to get ready. The day was so fun and full of laughter, especially after seeing all of our friends and ourselves stand up on the surfboard or even fall off into the water. We spent a total of 4 exhilarating hours in the water with smiles on our faces. Not once did we want to get out of the water or take a break, we were just having too much fun. It was by far one of the best and most memorable days of Year 10 that we will never forget. This day was purely to get a break from schooling and to nourish our souls. ‘Go Ride a Wave’ surf school, played a massive role in making this day so successful. All of the instructors gave us tips and tricks to improve our technique and were incredibly supportive in encouraging us to catch the ‘gnarly waves’.

Another way we are nourishing our Mind, Body and Soul is by undertaking a “self-change journey”. This opportunity allowed us to choose something that we felt we needed to improve. The task was to pick any habit in our lives that didn't have to be sport-related and implement strategies to help achieve our goals. We chose to change our health and wellbeing by becoming healthier and spending less time in our rooms, consumed on our phones. As the weeks progressed we noticed that we were improving our physical and mental health. We had to overcome the barriers that were setting us back from our goal and learnt to persevere through our setbacks. This showed our commitment to the task and how we were driven to succeed. There were 3 parts to our journey and throughout the process, we were able to analyse our strengths and weaknesses and implement new changes to improve our way of thinking as we continued our self-change journey.

This term we have worked extremely hard to ensure that we were the best version of ourselves.

Alexis R. (ALCA) and Zara B. (LJRC)