ϲʹַBI 209

Last Monday, after a long pause between performances, ϲʹַ students were able to take part in their first live music performance with an in-person audience in the Mercedes Hogan Theatre. Although students were able to perform in some online concerts during COVID lockdowns, we quickly realised that nothing can replace the joy and anxiety of performing in front of people in the same room.

ϲʹַ’s many varied bands and vocal ensembles entertained 220 ticket holders, we also had the pleasure of being entertained by some group performances from those students in Year 9 and 11 who had chosen Music Performance as one of their elective/VCE subjects. The night was compared by our VCE music students and it was wonderful to see these students as excited to perform to their family and friends as they were when their ϲʹַ music journey started six years ago. I would like to especially congratulate those students from Year 7 - 9 who took part in this performance evening as it was for most their first as an ϲʹַ student. We hope there are many more opportunities to share your talents with the wider community to come.

Next term, we look forward to attending music camp and honing our performance skills so that we are able to share these skills at our Celebration Concert. Keep an eye out for ticket links in August as we would love to see as many ϲʹַ families in attendance as possible.

The Mid-Year Music Concert was a huge success! Having the chance to perform in front of our community after two years at home was so exciting, and it was just so amazing to finally see the hard work and dedication demonstrated by all of our music students across the school.
Emma G. (LADR)

Jo-Anne Mileto
Instrumental Music Coordinator